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Cheese = goodness

Name: Eric Allen (a.k.a. Abe, Jesus, Moses)
Graduating Class: 2004 AD
Favorite Classes: Jazz Band (duh), Calculus was fun, I also liked AP English when we would screw around instead of doing work ... but besides that I hated that class so it gets an honorable mention for EVIL
Favorite Teachers: JustinPaulBirminghamthefirstofmanytocomeGodwilling, Vanwinkle, Palmer
Favorite Memory: This is difficult ... I can't decide between the 2001 USO Show, being Abe Lincoln in the 2003 USO Show, being in the pit of the musical "Anything Goes" (it was very fun at the time), and the Band trip to Hawaii
Current "Relationship Status": "single" (I like the fancy quotes)
Current job: sit at home and play video games! (a.k.a. no job)
Plans for the future: I want to make film scores. (I also want to rule the world.)
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