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All about me... [16 Aug 2007|01:16am]

Name: James Corthell
Graduating Class: Scheduled: 2001, Actual: 1999/2000
Favorite Classes: The ones I didn't ditch...
Favorite Teacher: My Algebra Teacher, don't recall his name (Mike something?)
Favorite Memory: Port-O-Let Tipping with your best friend inside...
Current "Relationship Status": "It's Complicated" just doesn't say enough...
Current job: Web Development, Server Security, Network Infrastructure Design and Maintenance.
Plans for the future:
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Milwaukie High Discussion Forums [16 Aug 2007|01:14am]

Hey all, I created a web-forum for the people of MHS at Milwaukie High.com if you'd like to stop on by and register...

It's my goal to have users from the various social networking sites (and in person) sign up and with any luck have some good discussions and possibly meetups for those still in the area...
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[12 Mar 2006|06:27pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name:Faith Carter
Graduating Class: 2004
Favorite Classes: art, choir
Favorite Teacher: mrs. moe, mr. moe, mrs. smith
Favorite Memory:choir retreats
Current "Relationship Status": meh
Current job: no job, going to school for veterinarian assistant
Plans for the future: either go on to be a vet doctor or wolf biologist

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YAY for Mustangs! [17 Jun 2005|02:22am]

Name: Kelsy Bowlsby
Graduating Class: 2004!!
Favorite Classes: Art! biology, history...
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. moe...
Favorite Memory: umm lol never going to class, and always staying int he art room with nicole flynn
Current "Relationship Status": Engaged
Current job: unemployed... sadly.. and i'm not going to school
Plans for the future: trying to get a job, get married. still have no clue what to do with my life.

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Cheese = goodness [11 May 2005|05:26pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Name: Eric Allen (a.k.a. Abe, Jesus, Moses)
Graduating Class: 2004 AD
Favorite Classes: Jazz Band (duh), Calculus was fun, I also liked AP English when we would screw around instead of doing work ... but besides that I hated that class so it gets an honorable mention for EVIL
Favorite Teachers: JustinPaulBirminghamthefirstofmanytocomeGodwilling, Vanwinkle, Palmer
Favorite Memory: This is difficult ... I can't decide between the 2001 USO Show, being Abe Lincoln in the 2003 USO Show, being in the pit of the musical "Anything Goes" (it was very fun at the time), and the Band trip to Hawaii
Current "Relationship Status": "single" (I like the fancy quotes)
Current job: sit at home and play video games! (a.k.a. no job)
Plans for the future: I want to make film scores. (I also want to rule the world.)

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CLASS '04 [20 Mar 2005|01:04am]

Name: Ann walston
Graduating Class: class of 2004! baby!
Favorite Classes: phy. with moe choir with any of the teachers in the past four years EXCEPT! SHAWB STUPID BITCH!
Favorite Teacher: mr.moe mrs. moe walker smith, stark petterson
Favorite Memory: english class with petterson and choir retreats!
Current "Relationship Status": single and dating
Current job: no job just attending beautyschool at north west college of hair design
plans for the future: ... dur becomeing a hair dresser?
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[14 Feb 2005|10:23pm]

I thought I filled this out but I'll try it again like many months later.
Name:Kari Liebert
Graduating Class: 2004
Favorite Classes:Choir with Starke or Horgen depending on when you knew her. Classes with Linman, Didn't matter which one.
Favorite Teacher:Michelle Horgan
Favorite Memory:USO Show Freshman year and Sophmore Year. Sophmore year I think was amazing.
Current "Relationship Status":Single
Current job:Ushering in the music building at PLU. I am a student here studying Music Education.
Plans for the future: I want to be a Music teacher. I Want to move back to Portland and be a teacher in the metro area. I would like to travel with a singing group around the world. I would also like to go to Australia and Africa. I also want to see Jakarta Indonesia. And no the stunami doesn't scare me.
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a revised version of the survey [11 Jan 2005|12:28pm]

Name: Deana Komissarova or Dina if you're my friend

Graduating Class: 2001

Favorite Classes: Anything offered in the drama/art/music building

Favorite Teacher: Archer! hahha.. not. Linman, Curley, Carlisle, Van Winkle, Walker. Unlike most people that went to MHS, I never had the pleasure of experiencing Gilbert. boo hoo.

Favorite Memory: I can't pick just one. It was all super fun.

Current job: Actuarial intern at a life insurance company downtown (near Powells if you wanna come visit.. well you can't really visit, but we can have lunch!), senior math major at Lewis and Clark College, mathematics tutor (high school and college math).

What have you been doing since high school: non stop schoolin'. I spent two years at Portland State University, which is an OK institution but I wouldn't recommend it because the classes are huge and tuition is going UP UP UP!! I transferred to Lewis and Clark last year and I have been loving it! Classes are tiny, especially when one is a math major. They are great about financial aid and I feel like I am constantly challenged with the material being taught and the work load.. it's nothing like PSU. I have also been taking Tae Kwon Do since freshman year.. I'm super into it.

Future plans: I graduate in May, so I plan to be working right after that. I am looking for a jobs all over the nation. Who knows where I will end up. Well, I hope I won't be in any of the RED states. :)

Advice I would like to give to current students: 1) apply to schools based on the programs offered and their reputation... you can figure out how to pay for it later (especially since most private schools have big bucks to give out unlike state schools) 2) seriously consider being a Math or Physics major 3)Take all of the advanced courses at MHS, the regular classes will leave you feeling extremly under-prepared for college
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[05 Jan 2005|07:32pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Name: Veronica Whitmore
Graduating Class: 2001 (but I was only at MHS for my senior year, I went to La Salle before that)
Favorite Classes: Hmm...my history class with Gilbert, and advanced English with Curley. I had to work my butt off, but it was still a blast with Rach, Jessie, Janelle, TL, Marcus, Sean...(the list goes on)
Favorite Teacher: Gilbert, hands down without a doubt
Favorite Memory: there were so many...senior campout was for sure one of them, and obviously graduation. umm...spending time with my dance team friends, TP'ing the boys (andy, mike, and hem), anything i did with monica was awesome - i just loved it all my senior year :)
Current "Relationship Status": single and getting bored with it, hehe
Current job: hostess and line cook at Old Chicago on 82nd (come see me!)
Plans for the future: graduating from Western Oregon next spring ('06), becoming a published novelist/journalist, and I want to coach a dance team in my spare time. Next summer, after graduation, I'm sending myself to Ireland for a month of excitement...anyone care to join me??

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[30 Oct 2004|08:24pm]

Name: Lisa K. Holm
Graduating Class: 1999
Favorite Classes: Senior English with Coburn, anything with Mr. Bjorn or Gilbert
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bjorn
Favorite Memory: Homecomings, football games
Current "Relationship Status": In a serious relationship
Current job: Assignment Editor for WFOR, CBS 4 news in Miami, Florida
Plans for the future: I completed my Masters Degree at the University of Miami in August and hope to field produce documentaries or episodes for the Travel Channel
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[16 Oct 2004|10:55am]

[ mood | thankful ]

Name: Ashley Trickel
Graduating Class: 2006 WoOt WoOt!
Favorite Classes: TA for Mr. Siel
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Siel
Favorite Memory: Middle School
Current "Relationship Status": Single... (Yes, Geoff and I are BROKEN UP, we have been since may!)
Current job: Actually, I just quit Fred Meyer, warning, dont work there, they will work you til 11:30 4-5 nights a week and when you're done you're too exhausted to do any of your homework.
Plans for the future: Getting my minors in Psychology and Journalism Majoring in English.

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[16 Aug 2004|07:32pm]
Name: rian snider
Graduating Class: 2004
Favorite Classes: oh, geesh, too many, so I'll be lame and not even try to answer.
Favorite Teacher: Gilbert, Linman, Bjorn, Roth (I never had him, but he's a cool fellow)... hrmm... no females... sorry to be unconsciously sexist or something
Favorite Memory: my bad memory = I don't remember much... buut... I'll just pick a random one from the hat *picks*: Living History Day Freshman or Soph. year when some crazy bagpipe guy was playing at the same time the marines were blasting techno out of a hummer and it started to match rhythm and what not.
Current "Relationship Status": taken mcbacon
Current job: "student" (aka an unemployed lazy bum)
Plans for the future: study philosophy in college, make some experimental films... continue to be an unemployed lazy bum (as long as I can, anyway)
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Hi ppl! [02 Aug 2004|06:33pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name:Katie Rasmussen
Graduating Class: 2001
Favorite Classes: choir A-choir, senior english, art, science.
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Hiromura (culinary arts) and Mr/ C!
Favorite Memory: living history day and choir retreats.
Current job: Kinderharten teacher
Plans for the future: Thats it! I'm done w/ college and I'm a teacher for 4-5 year old kids at a day school. I love it! Each day something different happeneds, keeps ya on your toes. I love the feeling of having some sort of effect of the up coming generation.

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[12 Jul 2004|01:24pm]

Name:Khirsten Nicholle McIlvain
Graduating Class: 2004 biatches
Favorite Classes: hmmm 8th period....:) i didnt have one!!! actually i would have to go with lindsay and say health. that or frosh english with elichia and the adventures of mrs livingston
Favorite Teacher:scott walker, but not his classes
Favorite Memory: tournament of plays, skipping with nathan numerously, making dalton skip class
Current "Relationship Status": taken for a long time
Current job: unemployed
Plans for the future: work and go to school and bne merry with the world. love my friends
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[11 Jul 2004|08:41pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Name: Lindsay Hall
Graduating Class: 2006
Favorite Classes: Drama, English, Health
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Haugen. He's such crack up.
Favorite Memory: Skipping class in the morning and Scott letting me stay in his class and drinking coffee with them.
Current "Relationship Status": Single and looking (or whatever you want to call it when you're 15.)
Current job: Preschool teacher
Plans for the future: OHSU for 4-6 years for dental hygiene

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Intro... [11 Jul 2004|03:12pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name: Nathan Sheets
Graduating Class: 2004
Favorite Classes: World History (Gilbert), German (Cherry), Choir
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Gilbert
Favorite Memory: Khirsten McIlvain and I skipping class, more specifically English and choir
Current "Relationship Status": Single, not looking
Current job: Jobless. I am getting ready to go to college. I am living in North Carolina.
Plans for the future: I am moving to Switzerland in August to go to college. I plan on studying language there for four years and then staying in Europe to work, hopefully as a tour guide. I plan on travelling a lot too. If anyone is taking any trips, let me know, I love to give tours of Western Europe Cities.

Welcome to the community everyone. I thought this could be a good place for us to come and meet with old friends, talk to current students how the school is doing, complain about what the administration required of us, etc. Please tell others on LJ about this community---there are quite a few of us!

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