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Name: Nathan Sheets
Graduating Class: 2004
Favorite Classes: World History (Gilbert), German (Cherry), Choir
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Gilbert
Favorite Memory: Khirsten McIlvain and I skipping class, more specifically English and choir
Current "Relationship Status": Single, not looking
Current job: Jobless. I am getting ready to go to college. I am living in North Carolina.
Plans for the future: I am moving to Switzerland in August to go to college. I plan on studying language there for four years and then staying in Europe to work, hopefully as a tour guide. I plan on travelling a lot too. If anyone is taking any trips, let me know, I love to give tours of Western Europe Cities.

Welcome to the community everyone. I thought this could be a good place for us to come and meet with old friends, talk to current students how the school is doing, complain about what the administration required of us, etc. Please tell others on LJ about this community---there are quite a few of us!
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