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a revised version of the survey

Name: Deana Komissarova or Dina if you're my friend

Graduating Class: 2001

Favorite Classes: Anything offered in the drama/art/music building

Favorite Teacher: Archer! hahha.. not. Linman, Curley, Carlisle, Van Winkle, Walker. Unlike most people that went to MHS, I never had the pleasure of experiencing Gilbert. boo hoo.

Favorite Memory: I can't pick just one. It was all super fun.

Current job: Actuarial intern at a life insurance company downtown (near Powells if you wanna come visit.. well you can't really visit, but we can have lunch!), senior math major at Lewis and Clark College, mathematics tutor (high school and college math).

What have you been doing since high school: non stop schoolin'. I spent two years at Portland State University, which is an OK institution but I wouldn't recommend it because the classes are huge and tuition is going UP UP UP!! I transferred to Lewis and Clark last year and I have been loving it! Classes are tiny, especially when one is a math major. They are great about financial aid and I feel like I am constantly challenged with the material being taught and the work load.. it's nothing like PSU. I have also been taking Tae Kwon Do since freshman year.. I'm super into it.

Future plans: I graduate in May, so I plan to be working right after that. I am looking for a jobs all over the nation. Who knows where I will end up. Well, I hope I won't be in any of the RED states. :)

Advice I would like to give to current students: 1) apply to schools based on the programs offered and their reputation... you can figure out how to pay for it later (especially since most private schools have big bucks to give out unlike state schools) 2) seriously consider being a Math or Physics major 3)Take all of the advanced courses at MHS, the regular classes will leave you feeling extremly under-prepared for college
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